WiL! What’s up in Winter? | by Yoyo


Happy New Year! What is your New Year’s resolution? For most MBA students, new success in career development must be one of wishes in new year. This quarter, Women in Leadership Club has prepared two amazing events to help our students pursue this important goal. Now let me walk you through our plans:

We have the honor to invite a successful business leader, scientist, and entrepreneur Marylee Guinon to come to GSM on January 21st. She is an amazing small business owner, successful entrepreneur, super star sustainability/environmental consultant and expert; and she is also an incredible woman in her personal life, a great friend, sister, and mother. She has been leading phenomenal workshops on Effective Project Management & Leadership Enhancement at Cal and some other places for over two decades. This time, she is coming to set up career development workshop with students. Four groups with different concentrations (Finance, Marketing, etc.), with each group create (1) an idea resume of Skills Abilities and Knowledge (ASK) and (2) focus on Wisdom that an ideal reference or colleagues would use to describe them.

Last year, the WiL board invented and introduced Speed Mentoring (as inspired by Speed Dating) to the GSM community. Last year we organized the first Speed Mentoring successfully, and are looking forward to another successful iteration in February 2014. We will invite some second-year students and Career Development staff to be mentors, helping first-year students practice 2-minute elevator pitches in a mock career fair environment. Timing of this event is important, right before the Winter Quarter Career Fair held in San Ramon. So it will be the best warm-up before students go out to talk to recruiters in career fair!


Let’s get the party started. Wish you a prosperous 2014 in career development!

WiL. I AM by Yoyo Wu

(Left to Right) Onyeka Enwerem, Vice President and Director of Finance; Yoyo Wu, President of WiL; Kanupriya Verma, Director of Marketing

(Left to Right) Onyeka Enwerem, Vice President and Director of Finance; Yoyo Wu, President of WiL; Kanupriya Verma, Director of Marketing

If you are a fan of the Black Eye Peas or Will.I.am, please don’t be disappointed that I am not highlighting your musical idol or think I made a typo. That being said, I am glad to introduce to you the WiL in GSM: the Women in Leadership Club.

WiL club is one of the smallest clubs operated through the Associated Students of Management (ASM), but also one of the clubs with the longest reach. Why? Because our goal is to effect and enhance the experience of every woman and everyone who works or will someday work with a woman. Our mission is to serve UC Davis Daytime MBA students and alumni through professional and social activities geared towards the development of future women business leaders.

WiL club is active in organizing activities to bring in benefits to future women business leaders. For example, we have a tradition of great activities like the annual “Mock-Tails with the Dean” during every fall quarter, providing an opportunity to all students to communicate with Dean Currall face-to-face. We also work to sponsor students to attend the annual Women in Leadership Conference in Haas, UC Berkeley. Lastly, we innovate new activities such as “Speed Mentoring”, inspired by Speed Dating, which connects second-year and first-year students in one-on-one mentoring sessions sharing interview skills and lessons.

This year’s board of WiL club comes from very diverse backgrounds. I, Yoyo, am the WiL President. I am a Chinese student with 5-years of auditing experience and the proud mother with a 15-month little girl. I realize the subtle balance women in business have to maintain as they have more social identities to handle, that was why I decided to lead the WiL club and try to help women leaders find out the balance to ensure success both in career and family life. Onyeka, our Vice President and Director of Finance, is from Nigeria where she worked as an engineer. She is very versatile, just to name some of her many talents: dancing, photo-shopping, and engineering. Kanu, our Director of Marketing, is from India and was also a mechanical engineer before she came to GSM. She plans to pursue marketing, using her instincts and skills to help WiL club with innovation and new ideas.

In our nearest upcoming event, WiL club will introduce some successful business women leaders to GSM students, sharing stories of their successes and failures. Then, WiL club will co-host another guest speaker event with Entrepreneurship and Innovation Society club. Looking forward to those exciting and inspiring events in May!