Hangout with GSMers on Picnic Day!—By Wataru


On April 12th, we at UC Davis celebrated our 100th picnic day celebration. For those uninformed, Picnic Day is an open house for all clubs, organizations, and departments to showcase the talents of their respective groups. Whether you attended a Chemistry Magic Show, received strawberry plants, or watched the Dachshund Races it was most certainly a day of joy and celebration!

Here are a few pictures which try to, but don’t quite, capture the excitement of Picnic Day.


UC Davis MBA–Picnic Day

Starting the day with a few members of the GSM


UC Davis MBA–Picnic Day

Sometimes you just need to let the excitement out!


UC Davis MBA–Picnic Day

The responsibility of taking care of young plants weighed heavily on Christine’s fiancé.


UC Davis MBA–Picnic Day

I was offered an opportunity to pose with one of the star athletes and I was going to say no!

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