SHHHHH—It’s Secret—GSM Men’s Night—-By Erin


One of the cool things about being a first year at the GSM is all of the new experiences that we get to have.  Not only are we learning a lot in the classroom, and increasingly through extracurriculars, but there are cool traditions that we get to become a part of.  From the monthly ASM barbecues, to Fall’s Casino Royale and last week’s Capital Connections with the Sacramento program, it all contributes to the fun sense of community that we have in Business School.


UC Davis MBA—Men’s Night

One of the cooler events (that I hadn’t even heard about until we started secretly planning) is the GSMen’s Night.  Every year, the women of the GSM get together and plan a secret party for our male counterparts.  Better yet – then they reciprocate!


UC Davis MBA—Men’s Night


The womenfolk secretly gathered to plan the theme, scout locations in the area, and let the guys know to set aside the evening.  For our Honky Tonk-themed night, we took over the outdoor area at Plainfield Station on County Road 98, made sure it was decked out for their arrival, and a fleet of drivers chauffeured the men – blindfolded! – to the party.  It was a fantastic evening with great times and big laughs by all. Next up is the Ladies’ Night.  Stay tuned!


UC Davis MBA—Men’s Night

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