It’s not all business in business school—By Wataru

It’s not all business in business school

Let’s be honest we all need to blow off a little steam now and again. Every student at the GSM has had a considerable degree of working in a professional setting but even then you are allowed to socialize with your coworkers outside of work. As students we owe it to ourselves, not only to network, but form strong social relationships. This blog post is merely a tribute to the fun times the GSM has had outside of school.

One of our first outings was to the Farmer’s market during orientation week. Who knew this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? The wine may have helped.


Just a couple days after meeting one another we were literally falling for each other! Ropes course!

wataru-3 wataru-4

Our next planned social event was having a pumpkin carving contest right around Halloween. Followed by the way college students ACTUALLY celebrate Halloween…

… By dressing up!



wataru91 wataru-92

Halloween we realized we needed a little time to relax. What better way than to taste a GSM classmates family wine? Turkovich Winery.


The 2013 academic calendar year would conclude with ASM’s Casino Royale in San Francisco, CA


A few pics from our end-of-quarter kickback… which wouldn’t be complete without late night tri-tip

wataru-13 wataru-14

The first roadtrip of our class! Vegas!

wataru-8 wataru-9

The new year would bring many more social events(like Chinese New Year and countless happy hours) but one day stands out the most. Superbowl Sunday. While a complete success in that our Sports and Entertainment Association was able to throw a Superbowl event in our main lecture hall, the game itself was letdown for one particular member of our class. I’m sorry Stefan.


Here’s to spring quarter with many more events!


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