An Interview with Ambassador Christine | by Mackenzie

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Meet Christine Bolghand! Not only is she getting her MBA full time, Christine also is the Director of Ambassadors at the GSM, she is deeply involved in the Women in Leadership (WiL) club, and she even finds time to write and publish her own blog! I took a few minutes to ask Christine about her blog, Corporate Neon (check it out – and was fascinated with what I found!

Q: A lot of people don’t feel like they have enough time when studying for their MBA. What makes you spend your precious free time on your blog?

A: The simple answer is that I have a genuine interest in the business of fashion! Where many of my classmates spend their free time watching sports, I peruse a variety of blogs and news sources dedicated to the fashion industry and fashion trends. I find time for it because it makes me happy – that’s really all there is to it. That said, I definitely don’t update my own blog as regularly as I’d like to right now. Part of the reason being that I’m still thinking about what I want to do with it! My goal for the next year is to develop the blog more.

Q: What made you want to start a blog?

A: There were two reasons. The first was that I didn’t find any other blogs about the MBA experience from a fashion-conscious point of view when I was going through the application process. This bothered me on a purely practical level, in that I wanted to know what to wear to interviews while remaining true to my own identity. A lot of the advice out there was so conservative. I was searching for an honest voice out there from someone I could relate to – and didn’t find one. I hope to develop my blog to help others in my situation. The other reason was that I wanted to make sure I’d have a space to focus on my passion while in school—I didn’t want to lose that creative part of myself in all the spreadsheets and analysis! It’s been a great outlet so far for me fashion-specific thoughts on the MBA process.


Q: What are some of your favorite fashion blogs / industry sites?

A: I love love love Garance Dore and The Business of Fashion. I also enjoy Women’s Wear Daily and I can’t live without during fashion week.

Thanks Christine for taking your time to share your overlapped passion for business and fashion! Check out Christine’s blog and her post: “Why I Love Marketing” Thanks for reading!


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