Making an IMPACT: The GSM Consulting Project | by Siamac



Every second year student is required to enroll in IMPACT, a capstone course that integrates all the learning of the prior year.  IMPACT is essentially a 20 week consulting project that spans the Fall and Winter quarters.  Diverse teams are formed at the beginning of the year and work on projects for partner companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to Silicon Valley start-ups.  Each team works closely with a faculty advisor, who mentors the team throughout the consulting process.

The IMPACT project has been an intense and rewarding experience for me so far.  My group has met with our client, meticulously scoped the plan of action for the entire project, and already started executing our strategy.  The most important part of the project, however, has been learning more about group dynamics.  My group is composed of students with different abilities and it’s surprisingly challenging to focus each of our strengths in a coordinated manner.  I look forward to see how the next 15 weeks turn out, as I am sure I will learn more about teamwork than I ever thought I could learn.

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