Class Visits at the GSM | by Jason



Class visits have been a tradition at UC Davis GSM for many years. Unlike other schools which host 20-30 visitors each class, GSM offers you an unparalleled experience. You will be assigned a person class host for any class you attend. The reason for that is we want you not just to sit in the class, but to have a chance to engage in a dynamic environment. The MBA Ambassador will get touch with you right after you register class visit online (! You can let us know your background and expectations of your class visit day .

During the class visit, you, as a student, will be in the midst of others, participate in the vigorous debate and voice your opinion. This is the most direct experience you can get and gives you a very real sample of what taking classes to get your MBA at the GSM will be like. In addition to the class visit, we are glad to invite prospective students to have lunch with the current MBA student who shares the similar background and interest so you can get a feel for the overall experience inside and outside the classroom. It can be an informal conversation about studies, life, intern/job seeking or anything you want to know about GSM.

You also have a chance to meet our Admissions Director and ask her about the admissions process. There is no requirement that class visitors must have already submitted the application or attended any former information sessions. We would like to talk to anyone who is interested in GSM!

This quarter, we are offering visits to six courses in Davis and one in Sacramento. The courses cover everything from the Management of Innovation, Customer Relationship Management, Power and Influence, Business Taxation, to Marketing Strategies. You can go to for the dates available and pick up one time slot.

Hope we see you soon!


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