Operational Finance Internship at Hi-Tech Company Lam Research | by Jason



The internship at Lam Research is a really amazing experience for me. I had an opportunity to get hands on a project in the 12 weeks’ period. As an intern in operational finance team, I worked with members inside and outside of my team to generate a positive impact on the company as a whole. My job was to increase the efficiency of cost accounting process and lower the manual work burden.

This intern project was not easy for me at the beginning as I never worked in a hi-tech manufacturing company before. Also, Lam Research has a very established process which has been in place for decades. In the first couple weeks, I spent time learning system and other people’s roles in the process. Then I looked through all the costing requests since January, collected data, categorized each problem and tried to find out the origins of those problems. The tackle point was to investigate the drivers of each workload item. As what my manager described, it was like peeling off the onion layer by layer.

Lam Research valued each intern and truly wanted everyone to learn during the time in the company. My manager monitored my progress and coached me with some new problem solving methods. I was highly impressed by the fact that we had several high performance thinking workshops and had conversations with CEO about his vision on the industry. The outdoor activities gave me a better chance to know more people and build up my network.

The second year MBA life is about to start. I cannot wait to return to the classroom and listen to my MBA fellows’ stories in their internship.

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