End of the Year Party but a Journey Just Beginning – by Jason


Time flies. It has been almost one year since we joined GSM. To wrap up the first year, we gathered together and held an End of Year BBQ Party. As everyone is looking forward to their internships in the coming summer, the Career Development team gathered to offer tips in the on-site workshop in the park before the barbecuing began. Some second-year students also shared their takeaways from last year’s internship and how they parlayed their experience during the summer into a full time job offer. The importance of internship is not just about the experience you will learn from the job; the soft skills and networking are more invaluable for your career path.


What’s next? Don’t be surprised to see lots of kids and dogs! You will notice that in GSM many of your peers are already moms or dads. They need to take care of children while handling study. If I am asked if MBA is appropriate for people who have kids, I will just tell them how well my classmates are doing to be a player in dual roles and how much the GSM family benefits from all the families in our community!


Delicious drinks, yummy food, fun beer pong, grass volleyball…this is how we celebrate our first year at GSM. The next few months before new school year will be another journey for us. Get ready!


Good luck to everyone this summer and into the future~

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