GSMen’s Night


With a few weeks left before Finals, it was time for us to let loose and celebrate a fantastic annual tradition … GSMen’s Night. Every year, the ladies of the GSM take an evening to show our favorite gentlemen how much we appreciate them. This year’s Oscar-themed night was filled with a delicious homemade dinner, desserts, games, trivia and shenanigans. After such an amazing night, let’s just say we’re really anticipating what the men have in store for GSM Ladies Night this Spring!


ImageEnjoying a delicious, homemade meal…

ImageAlex (our Celebrity-in-residence) and Sara posing for the cameras…

ImageLadies taking some time out for a group photo!

ImageHighlight of the evening: The gentlemen had to choreograph one of three songs (“Harlem Shake”, “Gangnam Style” or “My Heart Will Go On” from Titantic). Above, one of our first years busts out his best Gangnam Style dance.

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