Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity

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Last Friday, a bunch of us had a fun day out volunteering at Habitat for Humanity in Sacramento!

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, faith-based housing organization established in 1993.  Habitat for Humanity works with people from all walks of life to build decent, affordable homes for families in need. Their goal is to eliminate poverty housing world-wide and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience.

We got the opportunity to sort through piles and piles of clay tiles, re-arrange their stock of doors and door frames, dismantle rows of lighting fixtures, price and display various merchandise for sale at their ReStore outlet, and just be of help to the staff.  Not only did we had a great time hanging out, but we also got a good work-out lifting and moving heavy items!


Thanks for making this happen, C4C!  Can’t wait until the next volunteering activity!

WiL. I AM by Yoyo Wu

(Left to Right) Onyeka Enwerem, Vice President and Director of Finance; Yoyo Wu, President of WiL; Kanupriya Verma, Director of Marketing

(Left to Right) Onyeka Enwerem, Vice President and Director of Finance; Yoyo Wu, President of WiL; Kanupriya Verma, Director of Marketing

If you are a fan of the Black Eye Peas or Will.I.am, please don’t be disappointed that I am not highlighting your musical idol or think I made a typo. That being said, I am glad to introduce to you the WiL in GSM: the Women in Leadership Club.

WiL club is one of the smallest clubs operated through the Associated Students of Management (ASM), but also one of the clubs with the longest reach. Why? Because our goal is to effect and enhance the experience of every woman and everyone who works or will someday work with a woman. Our mission is to serve UC Davis Daytime MBA students and alumni through professional and social activities geared towards the development of future women business leaders.

WiL club is active in organizing activities to bring in benefits to future women business leaders. For example, we have a tradition of great activities like the annual “Mock-Tails with the Dean” during every fall quarter, providing an opportunity to all students to communicate with Dean Currall face-to-face. We also work to sponsor students to attend the annual Women in Leadership Conference in Haas, UC Berkeley. Lastly, we innovate new activities such as “Speed Mentoring”, inspired by Speed Dating, which connects second-year and first-year students in one-on-one mentoring sessions sharing interview skills and lessons.

This year’s board of WiL club comes from very diverse backgrounds. I, Yoyo, am the WiL President. I am a Chinese student with 5-years of auditing experience and the proud mother with a 15-month little girl. I realize the subtle balance women in business have to maintain as they have more social identities to handle, that was why I decided to lead the WiL club and try to help women leaders find out the balance to ensure success both in career and family life. Onyeka, our Vice President and Director of Finance, is from Nigeria where she worked as an engineer. She is very versatile, just to name some of her many talents: dancing, photo-shopping, and engineering. Kanu, our Director of Marketing, is from India and was also a mechanical engineer before she came to GSM. She plans to pursue marketing, using her instincts and skills to help WiL club with innovation and new ideas.

In our nearest upcoming event, WiL club will introduce some successful business women leaders to GSM students, sharing stories of their successes and failures. Then, WiL club will co-host another guest speaker event with Entrepreneurship and Innovation Society club. Looking forward to those exciting and inspiring events in May!

Net Impact BBQ



Last Thursday, the Net Impact Club hosted our very first BBQ of the quarter.  As is the GSM’s culture, food served were bought  from local sustainable sources.  Delicious homemade condiments and sides were also served to accompany burgers and hotdogs.  Delicious!  Way to go, Net Impact!


Two very important announcements were made during the BBQ.

Important Announcement 1:  Recipients of the Net Impact Public Interest Internship Fund were named!  The Public Interest Internship Fund helps first-year UC Davis Graduate School of Management MBAs spend their summer working for a nonprofit organization while earning enough to pay basic living expenses.  This Fund is entirely student-run through Net Impact and is made possible by donations from the GSM community.  Each year, classmates voluntarily donate 1-2 days pay to the Net Impact Public Interest Internship Fund.  The donations are collected and allocated through an administrative review process based on merit and need.  Recipients are students pursuing unpaid, or low paid, internships with non-profit or mission-driven organizations.


This year, our winners are John Churchman and Filippos Stavrinidis!!  Congratulations to the two winners!  They most definitely deserve the funds they are receiving from Net Impact.

Important Announcement 2:  It was Matt Auman’s birthday!  As always, he will again turn 18 this year!  Happy Birthday, Matt!  Hope you had a great one (filled with no studying, lots of food and beer, good friends and the best jokes of the quarter.. *wink*)!


IM Sports: When I Say ‘BOOM’, You Say ‘GSM’!

I’ve talked before about Intramural Sports. And I’ve talked a big game. This year, the GSM has participated in soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, and yes, even inner-tube water polo.

I’m pleased to announce that the GSM has brought home not just one, but TWO championships this year. It took 3 quarters and a few attempts, but we finally won some t-shirts! (T-shirts are the extremely coveted prize for winning an IM league.)

Here are some shots of our winning teams:

Co-ed Volleyball:

Co-ed Soccer:

GSMen’s Night: Revenge of the Nerds

GSMen’s Night was a huge success this year, thanks to a few hardworking ladies. The evening’s theme: Revenge of the Nerds. And the GSM gentlemen arrived looking the part…

The men were served snacks, lasagna, freshly-deep-fried corn dogs, and other various fried foods- think Snicker’s Bars. (The ladies got their hands on a deep fryer, and they weren’t afraid to use it.) Our fearless GSM Ambassador leader tasted her very first corn dog. And then, she had her very second corn dog. Check out that smile!

One of the best games of the night was mini-bicycle races. The relay-style race was hilariously entertaining. Here’s a snapshot for you:

All in all, GSMen’s night was a hit. I think the nerds were revenged…

Chinese Barbecuing

Today we have a guest blog post from Mark, a fellow Ambassador. He checked out the barbecue held at the GSM. Here’s what went down: 

On Thursday the International Business Club hosted our bi-weekly ASM BBQ. They served traditional Chinese dishes including: whole roast pig, sesame chicken, king do pork spareribs, veggies, fried noodle with bbq pork, steamed riced and, of course, some drinks to wash it down. 

It was really nice to be able to relax after a long week of classes with our colleagues and enjoy the delicious food. Only a few BBQ’s left this year. I can’t believe we’re already starting week five of Spring Quarter! It’s amazing how quickly the year has flown by!

Picnic Day Hype

Davis, Calif. is a great place to live and study. Recently, it was even named the second best college town in the nation! You can check out the awesome article here.

One event that sets Davis apart is its annual Picnic Day.

Each year, UC Davis hosts an open house. Davis students, families and friends celebrate the school’s history and achievements. This year will be the 98th annual Picnic Day! The estimated attendance will be a whopping 125,000 people.

The Picnic Day activities are endless! Each UC Department or organization has the opportunity to host an event. I’m looking forward to trying some liquid nitrogen ice cream at the engineering hall (yum!), watching the Doxie Derby (apparently, it fills up the basketball stadium with excited fans), and checking out the sheep dog trials (who wouldn’t want to watch the best border collies in the country herd sheep?). If you want to check out a full schedule of events, click here.

Each year, Picnic Day is kicked off with a parade of departments, grad schools and organizations. The GSM is, of course, strutting proudly in the parade. Our theme? Business on the top, party on the bottom- think suit jackets and tutus…

Have you ever been to Picnic Day? I can’t wait to check it out!

Ladies’ Night 2012!

Ladies Night 2012 was a whopping success- at least from a lady’s perspective. The GSM gentlemen spoiled us for an evening with good food, chauffeur service- and even entertainment. (What ladies’ night would be complete without juggling?)

The evening began when the tuxedo-clad GSM boys escorted the fancied-up GSM girls to the home of one of our administrators, who graciously offered to host. It was pouring rain, but our boys were awaiting us with umbrellas.
Once inside, we were served wine and delicious tray-passed h’orderves. Dinner was a multi-course, delicious, meal. A strawberry salad, excellent chicken, veggies and rice, and of course, it was all topped off with dessert. My favorite part of dinner? I did no preparing, serving or cleaning!
The evening was far from over after dinner. We played some fun games and gave some lovely toasts! Ladies’ Night was such a treat. We all had a blast and owe the guys a big thank you!
I’m sure the men are anxiously awaiting Men’s Night… I wonder what the ladies will put together?